Hot and Cold: The problem with inconsistent people

I finally feel like I can totally relate to what scripture says in Revelation 3:16, “So because you are lukewarm – neither hot nor cold- I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” Up until now, it was difficult for someone like me, who enjoys drinking water at room temperature, to understand that scripture. But thank God it refers to people and not consumables. Now, if God, the creator of the entire universe, finds lukewarm stuff or in this case half-hearted Christians to be disgusting and nauseating, then there really is a problem with consistently inconsistent people.

Let’s look at it from the human perspective. It is quite uncomfortable and indeed very stressful hanging around inconsistent people. At one point they are treating you like you mean the world to them and the next, they turn a full 1800 on you – you are probably just a piece of only God knows what. The problem with that attitude is that it leaves its victims in a fix because they end up wondering whether or not they did something wrong and they try resolving a non-existent problem. Most of us can testify that fixing a non-existent problem actually creates a problem.

Hypothetically, if I had a friend who constantly makes me wonder my place in his/her life, I would be left with no other choice than to walk away.  I strongly dislike people who make me doubt my worth. As far as I am concerned, I am a star in my own world.

Now, if I, a breadth of God, can be offended by the Hot and Cold nature of an individual, then brethren, I would not dare imagine how my Father in Heaven, the Creator of the universe, feels about such people. I will urge you all to be with God or without Him, to be For God or Against Him. For Heaven’s sake, do not get caught in the middle!!!

It is my prayer that someday, when I stand before the creator of the universe to give an account of my life here on earth, I will do so in humble confidence and without fumbling. I sure do not want to try outsmarting an All-knowing God. For me, the surest way to attain that is to genuinely live for Christ and remain in His will. Being neither here nor there, for me, cannot get you there. However, it takes the Grace of God to do that.  I hope that you will make it your prayer too.



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