What makes a good/bad speech?

A good speech introduces a new topic in a distinct paragraph. It also focuses on all but the speaker.

How does White Spacez know when they have done a good job?

We depend on the feedback from our clients to improve our services whenever the need arises.

What is Brokering of Corporate Meetings?

Brokering of corporate meetings is about booking an appointment with a prospect to discuss business opportunities.

Is ghost-writing unethical?

No, ghost-writing is NOT unethical. At the mention of ghost-writing, most people imagine a situation where a diplomat approaches a ghost-writer while whining about a speech he has to deliver at a time when he has nothing to say and the ghost-writer agrees to come up with all the words. If we did that, the diplomat will just be an empty suit who owes his entire success to a ghost-writer. In reality, our clients know exactly what they want to tell their audience, we just help them to present their story in the most appropriate way.

Should clients take the credit for great work?

Yes, Clients should take credit for a great script because whatever they put out there is not our content but theirs. It is their story; we only help to get it out in as powerful a form as possible.

How do we understand the client’s desired content?

We interview the client via social media, telephone or one-to-one meetings. In order to ascertain the relevant information, we stick to a relaxed and informal conversation pattern. During the interview, we may request more details for the purpose of clarification.

Clients can request changes on the spelling, grammar, choice of words and punctuation of the completed work.